Integrate with your customer’s Sales Engagement Tools through one API

Securely read and write calls, emails, tasks, and more to your customer’s Engagement tool

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Unified API Abstraction

No need for data massaging with our single interface and unified data schema.

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Drop in UI

Drop in our simple and intuitive interface to securely connect your customer’s Sales Engagement platform to your product.

Strongly associated data

Sales Engagement data is highly relational. Our data is bidirectionally linked, allowing you to easily work with associated objects.

Best in class Security and Authentication

Vessel saves valuable engineering time by removing the hassle of ensuring your Sales Engagement integrations are always running and secure.

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Authentication built in

We handle authentication so you don't have to. No need to build a custom auth flow for each integration.

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Secure by design

Vessel encrypts data in transit and at rest. Vessel will never sell or share user data.

Leverage Sales Engagement data today

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